The "Import Export Assistant" programme - A back office function

In collaboration with Bruxelles Formation and Cefora.

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This programme enables :

  • Young job seekers in Brussels to receive training in specific foreign trade techniques;
  • Interested Brussels-based companies to find employees who are specialists in matters relating to international trade.

Participation requirements

  • Secondary education graduate
  • Looking for work and resident in Brussels
  • Knowledge of Dutch, English and another language considered an advantage
  • And, above all, an interest in international trade!

2-stage course

  1. Theory: 3 months' training including subjects ranging from Incoterms®2010 to invoicing, as well as correspondence and transport matters.
  2. Work placement: 6 weeks' immersion in a Brussels-based company. The placement ends with a detailed report.
The import-export assistants are interns whose job is primarily administrative, within the framework of the company's international processes. This means that they fulfil a back office role.

List of theoretical training lectures

Languages - ENGLISH
Handling complaints
Office systems
Advanced Word
Basic and advanced Excel
Diary management/Outlook
Workshop on integrating the various programmes
Commercial module
Communication and assertiveness
Canvassing/satisfaction (clients/suppliers)
Introduction to marketing
Introduction to geopolitics and macro-economics
Cultural differences
Canvassing technique
Case studies
Finance module
From the purchase order to delivery and invoicing
Payments and international financing techniques
Introduction to accounting
International transport + transport documentation
Law module
Incoterms 2010
Legal aspects + disputes
Logistics module
Transport insurance
Credit insurance
Customs and tax regulations
Introduction to storage
Standards, labelling and certifications
Commercial support
FR Commercial correspondence
Drafting and following up an offer
Client/supplier dossier management
Reporting techniques
Management and monitoring of bad payers

Practical information

This programme is only available in French.


Start of the next programme: January 2017


T 02 800 40 32
T 02 800 40 43