Company awards

Brussels Invest & Export supports award ceremonies which honour the expertise and dynamism of Brussels entrepreneurs.

Brussels Mercurius Awards

Brussels Best Exporters

"Brussels Best Exporters" rewards Brussels-based companies that have achieved particular success in foreign markets, in both the goods and services category.

Fernand Baudin Prize

Since it was set up in 2008, Brussels Invest & Export has supported the Fernand Baudin Prize for the most beautiful books published in Brussels and Wallonia. Each year, it rewards those works which stand out due to their originality and the beauty of their design: a product of the combined work of their publishers, graphic designers and printers.
This prize is a valuable tool for exposure and marketing beyond our borders for the winning books.

The Artisan Showcase

The Artisan Showcase competition honours artisan trades in Belgium by awarding several prizes. Since 2011, an export prize has been awarded by each regional agency to support a project abroad or turn it into reality.
The Brussels Invest & Export prize was awarded to:
  • 2011: Brigitte Evers, restoration, preservation and creation of mural paintings
  • 2012: Thomas Bertrand, stringed instrument maker
  • 2013: Isabelle Azaïs, jewelry designer
  • 2014: Jean-Benoît Ghenne, Generous bakery

La Cambre Mode[s] Fashion Show

At the annual La Cambre fashion show, the Brussels Invest & Export prize rewards a 4th or 5th year student with a €2,000 bursary. This prize is designed to encourage them to undertake an international internship at a major fashion house.
The prize was awarded to:
  • Anaïs Lalu in 2012
  • Eddy Anemian in 2013
  • Hélène Coudret in 2014
  • Marine Serre in 2015.